Robotics – Team MAD Engineers @ On My Own Technology

Robots to the Rescue, 2020

International Rank #18, National Rank #2 (150+ global FRC and FTC teams)

My first big project since the COVID lockdown began, this is perhaps the most unique challenge I have ever taken on. We created a “Over the Counter Contactless Supply, Packaging and Delivery, Currency and Table Disinfection Robot” ENTIRELY through CAD on Onshape.

I served as team captain, helped design some parts of the robot, and also prepared all the relevant documentation- revolving around manufacturing feasbility, wiring, autonomous operations, etc.

First Tech Challenge, 2019

Design Award, nomination for Inspire Award – First Tech Challenge Nationals (Team Captain)
Being the second year, we were able to use our previous knowledge as an accelerant. We improved our robot game, increased our funding 5X (INR 4.2 Lakh, corporate sponsorships of INR 1 Lakh), and better designed our Engineering Notebook.

Our biggest achievement was the creation of Team Dharavi Dynamites – we brought together underprivileged children from Dharavi – to create their own FTC team. These fantastic kids entered the same competition as us, took us head-on (even defeated us once), and for a long time, held the record for the highest score nation-wide. I have never been more proud.

First Tech Challenge, 2018

Finalist award in the FIRST Tech Challenge Nationals
In a lot of ways, the FTC is a perfect combination of my interests. Having a robotics team is almost like having your own little start-up – from developing your product to pitching your idea and raising money.

In my first season, I helped design the code for the autonomous section of the robot game, raised ~ INR 1 lakh for the team, and designed a 100 page Engineering Notebook.