MUN + Debate

Model UN and debate are very close to my heart. They set me down a path of interest in international politics and public speaking that I do not regret.

This link leads to a page containing some MUN resolutions and position papers that I wrote for actual conferences and then published here for fun.

MUN experience


  • HFS Intra MUN – Myanmar, UNSC – Verbal Mention
  • HFS Inter MUN – Afghanistan, UNGA
  • Podar Summit – Italy, UNSC
  • DAIMUN – Gulf Cooperation Council, SPECPOL, Special Mention
  • IIT TWMUN – USA, WHO, High Commendation
  • SMUN – Egypt, SOCHUM, High Commendation
  • HFS Intra-MUN – George W Bush, JCC, High Commendation
  • HFS Inter-MUN – India, UNCCC, High Commendation
  • HMUN India – Venezuela, SOCHUM
  • EMUN – USA, Annual AI Revision Council, Special Mention
  • VIT MUN, Finland, UNDP, High Commendation
  • CMUN, Denmark, SPECPOL, Verbal Mention
  • HFS Mock Parliament, Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha, (non-awards committee)

Executive Board

  • Assistant Director, UNGA, HFSMUN 2019
  • Assistant Director, HMEA, HFSMUN 2020 (upcoming)
  • Vice-Chairperson, HSC, MYPMUN, 2020
  • Co-Chair, ECOFIN, Artibus MUN 2020 (upcoming)

Debate experience

  • All-India Frank Anthony Memorial Debate competition:
    • Nationals, Team- 1st Place, 2nd Best Speaker
    • State, Team – 1st place, 2nd Best Speaker
    • Inter-School – 1st place, Best Speaker
  • AISM State Level Debate Competition – Best Speaker
  • Controversus Inter-School Competition – First Place 2018, 2019