I sometimes write essays on topics that I feel passionately about. Here is a list of essays published on my blog:

Google’s Goggles and Facebook’s Book

But why should I care? So long as Google Assistant can provide me with better answers, and Facebook can help me find long-lost friends, how does it make any matter? Advertising, after all, is an important part of their business model. Without advertising these services would not be free. Would you want to live in a world like that? – READ MORE

The Case For Building Your Own PC

Why would anyone in their right minds spend their time and money building their own computer, when they could simply buy that Dell machine from the local electronics store? – READ MORE

Climate Change as Simply as Possible

There are three parts to solving the climate change problem: mitigation, adaptation, and geo-engineering. This article talks about those three, and also proposes a few solutions surrounding them. Plus it has some cool protest poster signs. – READ MORE

Artificial Intelligence As Simply As Possible

This article talks about the three mains problems surrounding artificial intelligence: the disruptive job loss, the control of AI, and ensuring AI safety. – READ MORE