Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston

Delightful, wholesome, ambitious.

I went into this book skeptical. It was so far outside my typical genre selection that I had nothing but my best friend’s recommendation to go by. YET another romantic novel featuring lovey-dovey teenagers?

Red White and Royal Blue is a delicious book. It tells the story of angsty, lovesick, intrepid oddballs who literally have to fight the world (the Queen of England included) for their love.

It’s a story so populated by lively characters and insanely courageous bonds that it gently warms one’s heart into a wide, wide smile. It’s a book that makes you feel alive – as the characters and words and actions and settings fly off the pages in sumptuous paragraphs.

That’s why I said the book was delicious – it’s a book to devour. It’s not a book that felt like a chore to read. It’s a book that laughts in the face of deriving beauty from sadness and fragility and introspection – chosing instead to derive beauty from friendship and love and the present.

A book like no other, it lucidly weaves together the tale of a presidential campaign, a delicate royal image, personal frustrations and desires: and most importantly, places the unconventional on the center stage with the spotlight flashing brightly on it.