Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Academic, vast, imaginative.

Though this book is set in a science-fiction environment, it is not, inherently, a science fiction story. This book contains 5 inter-connected short stories about politics, societies, and governments, as well as the religion of science. The story is of a Foundation set to preserve scientific knowledge in the backdrop of a crumbling Empire – and the internal and external power struggles that are involved in the protection of this planet. It was a thinker’s book full of fascinating ideas.

However, this book really falls apart in it’s prose and characterisation. While diversity of race was not an issue, I did note that the entire book had exactly one female character, who too, was the sour wife of a political leader. Furthermore, the plot proceeded at a constant pace, the rhythm of the stories and the actions of the main characters felt almost repetitive after a while – so the writing did feel somewhat monotonous.